Friday, 26 July 2013

The EDL's leader Tommy Robinson speaking at a rally in Birmingham recently

Tommy Robinson speaks pretty well and is clearly far more intelligent than the BBC portray him. His picking up of Nick Clegg's misinformation is well presented.

Whatever your preconceptions of Tommy Robinson and the English Defence League, listen to this speech.

Tommy Robinson says that he spent his time in prison learning about the Koran: he explains abrogation, something that the BBC seem incapable of discussing because it destroys their argument that Islam is a religion of peace. The passages about the Koran instructing Muslims not to take Christians and Jews and their friends is something else that the BBC ignores as it runs counter their narrative.

The problem that I have with the EDL is that some people at this and other EDL demonstration do not seem quite as intelligent or in control as Tommy Robinson and that worries me.

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