Wednesday, 24 July 2013

Papiss Cisse and his religious sensibilities

When the news broke that Newcastle striker, and occasional member of my fantasy football team two seasons ago, Papass Cisse was refusing to wear his Newcastle FC top if it carried the logo of their main sponsor (the payday loans company), I was not inclined to cover the story. If Papass Cisse has religious principles that he is not prepared to break then that is his concern and if that means that there is an issue over the sponsor's logo on his shirt well then he can refund Wonga 1/11 of their sponsorship, or similar; or alternatively move club. I did get a little fed up of the amount of coverage the story was receiving on BBC 5Live but then it was an opportunity for that station to praise the principles of a Muslim and also attack a loan company at the same time.

However the news then broke that Papass Cisse had been spotted in a casino and that the casino said he was an 'occasional visitor'. I don't know if Papass Cisse bets when he's in the casino but I'm not sure that's relevant, if he won't wear a Wonga shirt because of his Muslim religious principles then visiting a casino should also be out of the question.

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