Tuesday, 7 January 2014

An odd double standard

Imagine walking into a German restaurant in London and finding a portrait of Adolf Hitler on the wall; very, very unlikely.

Imagine walking into a Russian Restaurant in London and finding a portrait of Josef Stalin on the wall; equally unlikely.

However walk into London's Baozi Inn in Newport Street, part of London's Chinatown, and there's a picture of Chairman Mao on the wall.

Hitler's Nazi regime is estimated to have been responsible for the deaths of around 12 million people, Stalin's Soviet Russia for the deaths of around 9 million people but Mao's Communist regime in China for the deaths of around 45-50 million people. Why is this mass murderer's image not as repellent as Adolf Hitler's?

Baozi Inn is a great Szechuan restaurant but their choice of interior decor is extremely suspect. Time Out in all it's right-on glory says that at Baozi Inn 'kitsch Communist Revolution decor meets northern Chinese street food tidied up for London'. Well if you consider commemorating probably the biggest mass mrderer in world history is 'kitsch' then I think your moral compass is well out of kilter.


Timbo said...

Same question for all the idiots walking round with Che's face on their t-shirts.

Not a sheep said...

I've covered the Che Guevara issue before - - Why are leftists so stupid/evil?