Monday, 20 January 2014

Another instance of BBC anti-Conservative attitudes

The Telegraph reports that:
'The BBC is facing fresh allegations of bias in favour of the Labour Party after it emerged that journalists have pinned a series of anti-Tory tabloid newspaper headlines to the walls of its Westminster studios.
On one notice board a “stop the cuts” poster has been pasted up next to headlines including “Gun nut Tory MP: I tried to shoot a cat” and “Ewe are joking: Tory MP was not wearing trousers when stopped by police”.
Rob Wilson, a Conservative MP and an aide to George Osborne, called on the BBC to remove the articles immediately and launch an investigation into who was responsible for displaying them.
In a letter to Lord Hall, the director general of the BBC, Mr Wilson also demanded an inquiry into a series of incidents over the past year which he said displayed the left-wing bias of the broadcaster’s political coverage.'
Anyone who listens, watches or reads  the BBC's output cannot fail to notice the blatant anti-Conservative bias that pervades their broadcasting.

Ask yourself what the chances are that the is a similar board showing Labour scandals? Nil?

The BBC's response as reported by the BBC:
'A BBC spokesman said: “We don't immediately know what staff notice board Mr Wilson is referring to, but whatever it is; it won't have anything to do with the BBC's output.”'

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