Friday, 31 January 2014

Definition of irony - A Friday night Rule 5 lipstick lesbian post

I hear that one of the bands chosen to open the Winter Olympics in Sochi on February 7 may be t.A.T.u.

Back in 2003 tATu and especially the video for their single 'All The Things She Said' were accused of promoting homosexuality among teenagers. This would seem to be somewhat contrary to Vladimir Putin's stance on homosexuality.

Actually it seems that neither of the singers in t.A.T.u, Lena Katina (the red-head) or Yulia Volkova (the brunette), were in fact lesbians and that the video was just to garner them some attention, a tactic that really worked.

Just in case you are too young to remember t.A.T.u's All The Things She Said, and the track did come out as long ago as 2003, here it is in all its lipstick lesbian glory.

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