Monday, 27 January 2014

Shhh, the BC protecting their Palestinian terrorist heroes from scrutiny

You know the self-righteous fury that the BBC display when an Israeli politician is caught doing something wrong. Remember the headlines when the Israeli President Moshe Katsav was convicted of rape*. The BBC seem to be less interested when a Palestinian politician does something wrong.

Yes, President Mahmoud Abbas has just started the 10th year of his 4-year term of office, but I have seen no mention of this affront to democracy on the BBC.

*The Moshe Katsav case was covered in detail by the BBC but two aspects were not mentioned, first that Moshe Katsav was an immigrant from Iran, his family leaving Iran in 1951 and living in a tented refugee camp in Israel for a few years, the camp being turned into a new city thereafter. 

The second was that the Presiding Judge, George Karra, at the President of Israel's trial was not a Jew but a Christian Palestinian resident of Jaffa. 

The BBC could not report the first story because it would illustrate the difference between how Israel treated Jewish refugees post 1948 and how the Palestinians and surrounding Muslim states treated Palestinian refugees over the same period. 

The BBC could not report the second story as that would go against their depiction of Israel as an 'apartheid state' run by Jews with Muslims and Christians as second class citizens.

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