Friday, 24 January 2014

Freedom in the Middle East and North Africa

Freedom House has just published its 2014 report and here's the freedom figures for the Middle East and North Africa from that report, first for 2010 - 2014 and then just for 2014

In case you are wondering, the Palestinians are not forgotten, the Gaza Strip and 'West Bank' appear under a list of territories, here's their 2014 ranking for comparison...

In the above tables, "PR" stands for "Political Rights," "CL" stands for "Civil Liberties," and "Status" is the Freedom Status.
Political Rights and Civil Liberties are measured on a one-to-seven scale, with one representing the highest degree of Freedom and seven the lowest.
“F,” “PF,” and “NF,” respectively, stand for “Free,” “Partly Free,” and “Not Free.”

The lower the number the freer the country. Can you spot the only country that is FREE? That would be Israel. Of the Muslim majority countries that surround and mostly hate Israel, only five are even classified as Partially Free - Kuwait, Lebanon, Libya, Morocco and Tunisia. The rest are classified as Not Free.

How peculiar that so many people spend so much time and energy denigrating the name and record of Israel and calling it an apartheid state, when it is by far the freeest country to live in the area in which it is situated.

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