Saturday, 18 January 2014

Why is he 'reluctant'?

The Times front page has an article entitled 'Police fear inner cities take law into own hands' which includes this passage:
'Chief Inspector of Constabulary... Tom Windsor... said "There are some communities born under other skies who will not involve the police at all. I am reluctant to name the communities in question, but there are communities from other cultures who would prefer to police themselves.

There are cities in the Midlands where the police never go because they are never called. They never hear of any trouble because the community deals with that on its own."'

The Times report continues:
'The range of offences not reported to police could include "honour" killings and violence, domestic abuse, sensual assaults on children and female genital mutilation.'

Why is he reluctant to name the communities involved? I think we can guess which could community is the main one involved although as well as Islam The Times has to shoehorn in 'some sections of the Orthodox Jewish community'. Numbers?

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