Friday, 29 August 2014

A challenge not taken up

Over on Biased BBC there are some pro-BBC types, who may or not be paid by the BBC in some way, who love to attack the other commenters on the blog but rarely produce much in the way of evidence. There's one particular one who goes by the handle 'Scott' who gets a lot of stick for picking on low-hanging fruit in discussions in an attempt to derail the discussion.

Almost a month ago there was a Biased-BBC about the BBC 'comedian' Marcus Brigstock and how his 'humour' was of the easy targets left-wing variety. In the comments I challenged Scott to a game:

Let’s play a game: I’ll name a left wing comedian who gets regular airtime on the BBC to air his/her left of centre views. You then name a right wing comedian who gets similar airtime.

I’ll start – Mark Steel – nary a slot of his goes by without an attack on the Tories or a disparaging mention of Thatcher or an insult aimed at Daily Mail readers or UKIP…

Your first example of a right wing comedian given a similar amount of airtime to Mark Steel is…?
 Scott never responded, here's how that thread petered out

So come on Scott or any other BBC defender, let's play comedian political affiliations.  I've started with Mark Steel, who's your first right-of-centre political comedian? Just one needed... If you do find one, I've got a long list of left-wing political comedians to choose from for my number two (allusion intended). Have you?

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David Preiser said...

Didn't the BBC once claim in response to this charge that they tried but couldn't find any right-wing comedians? Sometimes I'm surprised the Beeboids ever grasped that Al Murray's Pub Landlord character was satire and not documentary.

To them, right wing is Jim Davidson, Alf Garnett, and Nick Griffin, forget about the proper concepts of community, small government, or fiscal sanity.