Wednesday, 27 August 2014

'I was scared of being called a racist.'

Time after time in the coverage of the Rotherham sex abuse cases I've heard people say that they or others had been put off investigating these claims because of fear of being called a racist.
That's what the politically correct forces in this country have done. They've made people scared to defend innocent young girls from paedophile gangs because to be branded a racist is considered the worst thing that could happen. 

So too few people were brave enough to point out that most of the victims were white or of mixed race, while all too often the perpetrators came from Britain's Pakistani heritage community.
In the ridiculously politically correct culture of modern Britain, the police, councillors and social services were terrified of being accused of racism if they highlighted crimes by racial minorities.
Instead, they preferred to blame the girls for being out of control, even eagerly consenting to sex with men old enough, in some cases, to be their fathers. 

The fact that the grooming gangs sometimes referred to their victims as 'white trash' did not seem enough for the politically correct or those cowed by political correctness to raise the alarm.
Political correctness should be on trial here, it's done too much damage to this Country.

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andy5759 said...

Quite right. A swift repatriation of our right to freedom of speech would do the trick.