Wednesday, 20 August 2014

Gaza conflict: 'Nine Palestinians killed' as truce ends - BBC News

The BBC are at it again. Israel kills Palestinians is the message you're meant to take from this report. Only if you read on do you find that Hamas broke the ceasefire. Once again the institutionally anti Israel BBC shows anti Semitism by would be refusing Israel the right to respond to terrorist attacks. Proportionality is not what the BBC would have you believe. 

'Gaza conflict: 'Nine Palestinians killed' as truce ends

Palestinian officials say at least nine people have been killed in Gaza in new Israeli air strikes - the first deaths in more than a week.

A young child and a woman were among the victims. Some reports said they were the wife and daughter of prominent military commander Mohammed Deif.

Israel said about 50 rockets were launched from Gaza on Tuesday, but there were no injuries reported. '

More BBC anti Israel coverage here and indeed all over the BBC.

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andy5759 said...

Did you catch the BBC Hard Talk with Zenab Badawi and some Norwegian leftie? F*ck me, that was a love-in. Hard talk? Bolloc*s, pardon, whatever has become of journalism? BBC after all, why am I paying for it ? CNUTS. Sorry.