Tuesday, 5 August 2014

No voice for the Israeli side on BBC Radio 5 Live

I just endured BBC 5 Live's idea of balance in the Israel Gaza conflict. I'll ignore the two very different pieces by ordinary people, one an Israeli soldier, the other a Palestinian doctor - except to say subtle? 

The main part was an interview with first a Palestinian negotiatior and then a former Israeli negotiatior. Sounds balanced? Don't be taken in.

The Palestinian negotiatior, I was driving and so couldn't note down names, I think was Mr Barghouti launched into an attack on Israel: they can't be trusted etc etc. For balance the BBC picked a former Israeli negotiatior who described Gaza as an open air prison and seemed to take the Palestinian side albeit from a less extreme position than Mr Barghouti or the BBC.

This double interview was typical of BBC bias over Israel and Gaza. The Israeli side of the argument is so evil that they couldn't bear tiyactually have someone on the radio who might point out that Hamas has been firing rockets at Israel for years, had built tunnels into Israel in order to take hostages and kill Jews, openly wanted to kill all Jews, fired rockets from civilian areas of Gaza in contravention of the Geneva Convention, based themselves in a Gaza hospital, threatened journalists to stop reporting of Hamas actions etc etc

The BBC is institutionally anti Israel and the Balen Report must have reported this for them to have been so desperate to keep it under wraps for so long.

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