Friday, 22 August 2014

The new series of Doctor Who starts tomorrow, here's a sneak preview - NSFW links

OK that's from a Brazzers parody porn film and not a particularly good one, although I have obviously only seen the above preview.

For a more realistic parody porn Doctor Who, there is a film by Woodrocket that nails the look rather better. The following links to the four parts of the film Doctor Whore are obviously very NSFW

Part 1 has the Matt Smith Doctor and a worryingly convincing Amy

Part 2 has the Matt Smith Doctor and a not quite so convincing River Song

Part 3 has the David Tennant Doctor and a fairly convincing Rose Tyler

Part 4 has a rather disappointing female Doctor, a poor Martha Jones and an even poorer Captain Jack

Hopefully Peter Capaldi will not disappoint tomorrow.

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