Wednesday, 20 August 2014

Partition of India: My memories - BBC News

Tucked away on the BBC is this article about the partition of India into India and Pakistan.
' Partition of India: My memories

In 1947, when India split from Pakistan, millions of people were forced to leave their homes because of inter-religious violence.

Muslims trekked to Pakistan and Hindus travelled to India.'

Nobody at the BBC seems to see the parallels between what happened in India and Pakistan in 1947 and what should have happened in Israel in 1948. In 1922 Jordan was created as yet another home for Arabs and on 70% of the land previously promised to Israel. So if at almost the same time as in India, rather than try and create yet another Arab country, the international community had moved those Muslim Arabs, who didn't want to live in a predominantly Jewish state, to the state that had been setup for them 25 years previously, how much future bloodshed would have been avoided? 

In India and Pakistan millions of people moved many hundreds of miles, yet no refugee camps existed by the late 1950s. Yet because Muslim Arab nations use the Palestinians as a weapon against the existence of a majority Jewish state on 'Muslim land', Palestinians still live to this day in refugee camps in Jordan and The Lebanon.

By way of contrast, the 858,000 Jews who had to flee Muslim countries across the Middle East and North Africa 1948-1950  were integrated into Israeli society very quickly. There were more Jewish refugees than Palestinian but the Jewish ones became Israeli citizens whilst the Palestinians were refused citizenship of Jordan the country created for them 25 years previously.

It's strange how the BBC never report this history, I suppose it doesn't fit their anti Israel narrative.

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andy5759 said...

Why oh why are we going down the same road that we have travelled before so many times? People can be profit motivated, people can be generous. I find Jews both of those. I find British people both of those too, but somewhat less generous. Why, oh why are we hating Jews again? What is it that they have done which makes us hate so much?