Wednesday, 13 August 2014

Real ethnic cleansing in Iraq, not the fake sort in 'Palestine'

'Today, Qaraqosh stands 90 per cent empty, desecrated by the gunmen of the fanatical Islamic State terror group now in control. The majority of the town's 50,000 people have fled, fearing that, like other Christians in this region, they will be massacred.

The militants, in a further act of sacrilege, have established their administrative posts in the abandoned churches.'

More here not on the institutionally anti Israel BBC where the only only ethnic cleansing happens (even though it doesn't) in Israel and only Israel can be blamed for killing people. 

To the apparently pro Islamist BBC, criticism of Islamist terrorists might be seen as Islamophibic and so just not on.

Imagine the BBC coverage if Muslims were being swept out of Israel and their Mosques desecrated. It would be headline news and Orla Guerin or Lyse Doucet would be emoting over the horrors that they had seen, or rather their local stringers had told them about. Death tolls and the number of innocent civilians killed would be repeated in every article.

But when it's Christians and obscure sects being cleansed by Muslims, Shhh.

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Katabasis said...

Was at the anti ISIS demo today in London. No 'Stop the War Coalition', no 'Hope not Hate', no 'UAF', in fact no left presence whatsoever. Utter ball aching hypocrites the lot of them.

There were however plenty of signs like this: