Tuesday, 19 August 2014

Swedish Woman Attacked by Muslim Group For Wearing a Star of David

'... was attacked last Thursday in Gottsunda, a suburb of the city of Uppsala in central Sweden by a group of young Muslims, after she was spotted wearing a Star of David necklace.
The woman, Anna Sjogren, a local resident, said that the incident occurred while she was walking through a highly Muslim populated neighborhood.

"A Muslim girl saw that I was wearing the Star of David on my neck and she started swearing at me and spat in my face. I got very upset and pushed her off. " Said Sjogren to the WZO Center for Countering Antisemitism (ICCA

Sjogren described that someone standing next to the girl threw a sharp object at her face. "I'm not sure who it was. Everything happened so fast." Said Sjogen.'

This was in Sweden who have a serious Muslim community problem, almost as serious as France where British media rarely bother to report the riots. But Britain is not far behind and with the institutionally anti Israel BBC, The Guardian and The Independent fanning the flames of anti Semitism with their ridiculously anti Israel news coverage, such attacks will be commonplace in Britain before long.

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