Monday, 29 September 2014

An interesting choice of photo by the BBC

The BBC report that:
'A man in Oklahoma has beheaded one woman and wounded another after being fired from his job, police have said.

Alton Nolen, 30, attacked the two women at Vaughan Foods distribution plant in Moore, Oklahoma, on Thursday afternoon.

A manager who is also a reserve police officer stopped the attack by shooting and injuring Mr Nolen.

A police spokesman said the FBI was investigating Mr Nolen's background, after colleagues said he had recently tried to convert them to Islam.'

They illustrate the story with this photo of Alton Nolen
Why would this chap behead someone?

The BBC decided not to choose one of these more recent photos of Alton Nolen...

I wonder why? Actually I think I know why.

Do you?

The BBC, shamelessly hiding the truth from the British and world public.

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