Monday, 15 September 2014

Gaza: Life amid the rubble - BBC News

The conflict in Gaza is over, for the moment, whilst Hamas re-stock with weapons. So it's time for the BBC to get the poor Palestinians front and centre in the British mind and so, purely incidentally of course, raise anti Semitism in the UK. 

This piece is odd as in order to illustrate how the evil Israelis have destroyed happy Palestinian lives they include lines like this:
'Teacher Abdul Karim Abu Ahmed, 55, says Shejaiya used to be a beautiful district and that he was proud to live here. He had a big house with a garden that he shared with his wife and 11 children, aged seven to 25, but it was shattered in the bombardment.'
A 'beautiful district', 'a big house with a garden'? But the BBC keep telling us that Gaza is an open air prison, a concentration camp, one of the most overcrowded places on earth.... 

Both can't be true...

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