Wednesday, 3 September 2014

Labour MP Graham Morris asks PM: Will British IDF soldiers be treated like IS fighters?

'the unpleasant underbelly of Labour' as 
'Grahame Morris, the MP for Easington, asked: “Given the strong evidence of Israeli war crimes in Gaza—we have heard about 500 children being killed under a terrible bombardment—will British citizens fighting in the Israel defence forces be treated in the same way as those returning from Syria and Iraq?”'

More here but not on the BBC who presumably agree with Graham Morris and don't see the difference between fighting for a group of Islamist Terrorists determined to kill as many non-Muslims (or the wrong sort of Muslims - from their point of view) as possible and those people fighting to defend the only pluralistsic, multi-ethnic, democracy in the Middle East.

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David Preiser said...

It was only a matter of time before some genius figured out this angle. One question, though: how many British IDF soldiers have declared themselves enemies of the West and want to conquer the world?