Saturday, 20 September 2014

Scottish referendum: Gordon Brown vows 'powers will be delivered' - BBC News

The BBC report that:
'Gordon Brown has said the promises made ahead of the Scottish independence referendum on change and further devolution will be delivered.

The former prime minister said it was time to move from the "battleground to the common ground" after a majority in Scotland voted "No" to leaving the UK.

He added: "We will lock in today the promises that we have made".'
No we won't. The English are sick and tired of paying the Scots to keep them quiet, especially as they moan anyway. Why should they get the Barnett Formula bribe, especially as the architect of that scheme has admitted that it is out of date?

Why should the English, and in reality I mean those from London and the South East of England, subsidise a load of ungrateful Scots? Not just because Gordon Brown has said so, and the Labour Party needs the votes of Scottish Labour MPs. The West Lothian Question needs answering, the English need freedom.

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