Sunday, 14 September 2014

The BBC report that Merkel to speak in Berlin against anti-Semitism

The BBC report that:
' German Chancellor Angela Merkel is to speak at a mass rally against anti-Semitism later, amid a sharp rise in attacks on Germany's Jews.

The event in Berlin comes 75 years after the outbreak of the World War Two, in which six million Jews were killed by Nazi Germany.Mrs Merkel has vowed to do everything she can "to ensure anti-Semitism doesn't have a chance".'

Of course as this is the institutionally anti Israel, and sometimes borderline anti Semitic BBC, they also add that:
'The surge in anti-Semitism follows the summer's conflict in Gaza.'

What the BBC should add is that it's their and other's blatantly anti Israel coverage of the conflict in Gaza that has exacerbated the rise in European anti Semitism, that and the increasing Muslim population in Europe.

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David Preiser said...

Well said. Unfortunately, the BBC will get complaints from the Holohaux crowd and use that to prove that their broadcasting doesn't encourage anti-Israel attitudes and anti-Jewish sentiment, because, see, they get complaints from both sides.