Tuesday, 16 September 2014

Home - BBC News - Keeping the hatred of Israel front and centre

My first view of the BBC news each day comes from the BBC mobile news site and after the big news items comes the 'Features & Analysis' section where articles sit for a day or so before disappearing. Today the articles are these:
'Symbol of evil' - Should a ruined church linked to Hitler be rebuilt? 
Amid the rubble - Life in a razed Gaza neighbourhood
Kissing crime - Actress detained after smooching white beau 
Election time, again - Is New Zealand's political cycle too short?
Cleavage row - Why Bollywood stars are lashing out against sexism 
Your Martian home - Is this how the cities of Mars will be built?
Global rankings - What are the world's best universities? 
Touch screen learning - How Africa's first education tablet computer was created
Punishment and abuse - Questions about parenting and race in US footballer's arrest

Yes the ' Life in a razed Gaza neighbourhood' article is still there. The institutionally anti Israel BBC apparently likes to have an article or more raising the hatred of Israel, and consequently Jews, on their news pages.

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