Saturday, 27 September 2014

No One Listened to Rotherham’s Sex Gang Whistleblower | VICE

'In February 2006, a serious assault on Lauren, a 16-year-old girl, sickened Cole. He filed a witness statement to the police, which claimed that an Asian man had tried to force Lauren to give oral sex to one of the gang and she had refused. He recalled, "She spat in his face and he ordered the gang to assault her in retaliation".

Lauren was beaten senseless. According to the report, she was cornered between a marble screen and revolving door by four Asian men and a white lad. She had no escape. As one punched her in the face, another was kicking her in the body. When the first two had finished, the white male "went in and punched her in the face and threw her to the floor". Another male dragged Lauren off the floor and sent her crashing down again – rendering her unconscious. He then stamped on her face. A further male then entered the fray, and continued to kick and punch the motionless young girl.

Cole said, "I thought they were going to kill her. We had it all on CCTV and it was very, very clear. I begged her to speak to the police" who arrived at the scene 45 minutes later. Lauren's attackers were all known to police and security staff, yet no prosecution followed. Cole explained, "I don't know if it was because she was intimidated, or scared or just blasé. I tried to explain to her that males don't have the authority to do this kind of shit." But it seems that in Rotherham, they did. The victim didn't speak to the police. Cole says that months after the incident occurred, police returned the recording to the CCTV operator who accidentally dropped it – and then stood on it destroying important evidence of the gang's activities.'

What was happening in Rotherham was evil, but that's what happens when political correctness and especially the fear of being called a racist becomes more important than doing the right thing. 

You can read more here at but probably not on the BBC where political correctness is still king and the truth a very very poor second, or maybe third.

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