Thursday, 7 July 2016

7/7 forgotten by the BBC

I can't find anything about the anniversary of 7/7 on the BBC news website

Eleven years after these homegrown Islamist terrorist attacks  on London, the BBC chooses to forget the Londoners that died or were injured, many very seriously.

Those that died are listed here but also think about those that survived, some very badly injured. At the time around 700 people were injured; some 350 were treated on the scene, and 350 in hospital. 100 required overnight hospitalisation or longer and 22 were seriously or critically injured (I believe a few may still be hospitalised but cannot confirm this). Many of these people will still bear the scars both physical and mental, as will many who although not injured were on the trains or the bus that were bombed and of course the family & friends of the dead and injured.

On 7/7 four Islamist terrorists blew themselves up on London's transport system killing 52 innocent people. There is a memorial to them on the BBC here. Take some time to read the potted biographies and see the waste of human life that day.

I am sure that many Londoners still remember the pain of that day and the fear that pervaded London that week and beyond as they had to travel to work on a London transport system that now seemed oh so dangerous.

When people try and justify terrorism because 'we invaded Iraq, or because 'Israel stole Muslim land' or whatever remember this photo of Dan Biddle. What part did Dan Biddle play in these 'offences'?
What part did any of those who were injured on 7/7 play in these 'offences'? What part did those who died on 7/7 play? The answer is none, but to many Islamists only Muslims can be innocent, anybody who is not a Muslim is thus a fair target. Terrorists are terrorists and deserve no sympathy at all.

Another of the injured was Rachel North, take some time to read her blog and some of the reports of her story such as here, here and here. There are other victims who have lost limbs, their eyesight, and their peace of mind, you can read some of their stories here.

You can read more about the 7/7 bombings here, take the time to open the three reports and read them.

I have blogged about those events before and commend those articles to you. 

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