Thursday, 21 July 2016

The moral case against Jeremy Corbyn per Spectator Coffee House

A seriously good article in The Spectator

Here's an extract but do read it all.
'I can make a fair case for saying that  Jeremy Corbyn is the most hypocritical and unscrupulous leader in Labour's history. His paid employment while he was an MP was nothing so elevated as corporate lobbying. It consisted of working for the propaganda stations of Russia and Iran. If you watch the YouTubevideos of Corbyn in action, you cannot pretend that he is challenging his paymasters or even politely expressing an alternative point of view. He is a mouthpiece for his ugly employers. A willing rather than a merely mercenary mouthpiece, I grant you. Hatred of the West and the willingness to excuse any state as long as it is anti-Western animated him. He is a propagandist for the love not the money.

Having said that, as he reinforces his employers' prejudices and avoids discussion of their crimes, every one of the consoling cliches that surround Corbyn and his supporters falls apart.'Jeremy is a decent man'. Really? No decent person is the flunkey of fantastically corrupt states. 'Jeremy is left-wing.' Is he? He has a funny way of showing it. Iran and Russia are self-proclaimed conservative states. Iran is the bastion of theocratic Shia conservatism. It persecutes ethnic and religious minorities – until Assad began his mass murders, Iran was the worst place in the world to be a Sunni Muslim – and jails trade unionists. Putin, meanwhile, tells the European far right to reject liberalism, and embrace his reactionary nationalism. From a Russian point of view, Corbyn and Seumas Milne's most prominent comrade is Marine le Pen.

You cannot support oppression abroad and freedom at home. No one has the right to be shocked by Corbyn's association with a holocaust denier, or his supporters' willingness to resort to the grossest abuse of women, while their Pilate of a leader washes his hands and looks the other way. It is all of a piece.'
A view that you won't hear on the institutionally pro Labour Party BBC.

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