Wednesday, 13 July 2016

Delivering aid to Gaza

'The World Bank is keeping track of how the nations that have pledged to rebuild Gaza after Operation Protective Edge have been keeping their promises.

It finds that only 40% of the pledges  - $1.4 billion out of pledges of $3.5 billion - have been paid so far, two years after the war.

However, if you break down the numbers by Muslim-majority countries and all others, an interesting pattern emerges.

Non-Muslim countries and NGOs pledged about $1.4 billion and so far paid about $1 billion, about 71% of their pledges.

Muslim nations pledged the bulk of the money meant to rebuild Gaza - $2.1 billion - but have paid only $360 million, which is only about 16.5% of what they pledged.

Qatar pledged a whopping billion dollars to rebuild Gaza - and has paid only $150 million of it.

Saudi Arabia paid only about 10% of its $500 million pledge.

Kuwait, which pledged $200 million, has not paid a dime.

Even Turkey, supposedly Gaza's best friend, has only paid 32% of its $200 million pledge.

We've seen this pattern many times before when Arab and Muslim nations pledged huge amounts of money to Palestinians and simply didn't pay up.

Arab nations paid only 21% of what they pledged at the Paris Donors Conference in December 2007.
In 2010, an Arab conference to help make Jerusalem an Arab city resulted in $500 million of pledges - of which only 7% was paid.

The Arab League committed to providing 7.7% of UNRWA's annual budget. As of 2010, they were only paying 1.5%.'

There's plenty more about this here at Elder or Ziyon but not of course on the institutionally anti Israel BBC where protecting the Palestinians and Muslim states from criticism is oh so important.

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