Monday, 18 July 2016

Owen Smith: "I am Normal"

The BBC helped to destroy Andrea Leadsom's campaign to be Conservative Party leader by publicising her comments in a Times interview that they claimed seemed to say that her having children gave her more of a stake in the future of the UK than childless Theresa May. I'm not sure that's what she meant but for the BBC this was an inexcusable thing to say.

So I presume that the BBC will be equally aggressive with the Labour Party leadership contender Owen Smith for this in a Sky News interview:

"I'm glad you think I'm normal. I am normal. I grew up in a normal household. I've got a wife and three children. My wife is a primary school teacher."

Owen Smith's opponent as challenger to Jeremy Corbyn is Angela Eagle: a lesbian woman with no children.

Surely in the interests of unbiased reporting the BBC will have to headline this story. Which of course means that the institutionally pro Labour Party BBC won't.

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