Sunday, 10 July 2016

Jeremy Corbyn faces new questions from MPs about antisemitism per The Guardian

The Guardian reports that Jeremy Corbyn is likely to be recalled to give further evidence to the Home Affairs Select Committee following complaints about the accuracy of some of his testimony. 

'One of several complaints is understood to relate to comments Corbyn made about one of his constituents, Paul Eisen. Corbyn told the committee that he had not attended any events involving Eisen after he heard that he was a Holocaust denier, but MPs want to question him further having received what they say is evidence to the contrary.

One Labour MP said: "I was shocked by the answers he gave the committee and I'm not surprised they want to speak to him again. He attended Paul Eisen's events years after everyone knew about his Holocaust denial."'

Jeremy Corbyn linked to antisemites, I'm shocked.

That the BBC is not reporting this story yet is even more shocking!

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