Saturday, 2 July 2016

When democracy becomes inconvenient...

'Ministers and senior Tory MPs are discussing whether Theresa May could be installed as leader without a vote by ordinary members if she has overwhelming support in the parliamentary party.
Mrs May could have the backing of up to half the 330 Conservative MPs when the first round of votes is held next Tuesday. A senior Tory minister, however, called yesterday on fellow MPs to decide on a new leader quickly, without the need for a wider vote.

Anna Soubry, the business minister and a prominent EU supporter, said that it was bad for Britain to allow uncertainty to continue…'

More here in The Times as the Conservative Remainers look for ways to ensure they get Theresa May as leader. If that happens you can expect a large number of Conservative MPs to leave for UKIP and for the number of seats won by UKIP to be in double figures at the next general election.

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