Saturday, 9 July 2016

Who will pick our strawberries once we leave the EU? Per BBC News

This BBC report includes this section:
'So far, unemployed people in the UK have proven reluctant to take on these jobs.

"The English don't like to work like us," says Roxana. "They will never come to work on a farm.

"If they come, they want to be someone high [up], to be a supervisor or a manager, but not to pick."

Forklift truck team leader Andis Ivkins agrees. "I don't believe they'll send us home," he says. "I don't believe the English people will come and pick fruit."'

Rather than just accept these comments why does nobody ask WHY English people won't pick fruit, WHY unemployed English people are reluctant to work on a farm. Is it laziness, is it being told by family, television reality shows and elsewhere that they can live their dreams? Is it a result of an all 
must have prizes education system?

All good questions but not ones that the institutionally pro EU, pro immigration BBC will ever raise.

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