Thursday, 23 March 2017

In the aftermath of an Islamist terrorist attack - please follow the dhimmi approved 20 point plan

1. An immediate declaration is made that this has nothing to do with Islam and the terrorist does not represent real Islam. White leftist often atheist experts on the Quran and Islamic doctrine suddenly emerge on BBC News to save the day.

2. Muslims claim to be followers of the religion of peace and media outlets, especially the BBC and the pro immigration Labour Party push this agenda hard and fast down your throats.

3. Strong claims that the UK arms and US presence in the Middle East is the cause of this attack.

4. The terrorist is claimed as mentally ill or simply misguided, perhaps poor and desperate without any evidence that suggests that as nobody even knows who he really is yet. Once they know, every effort is made to find a way to place him into one of the justified excuses above which is supposed to somehow give him immunity for their crimes.

5. The terrorist attack is declared as a "lone wolf attack".

6. Claims that it's just part of everyday living in a big city are made.

7 Claims that Christians and Jews do these things too are made but with zero evidence of this.

8. Facebook profiles are changed to the flag of the inflicted country "Pray For (insert country or city here)"

9. Candles are lit, vigils are held and people go on a peace march to show solidarity with Muslims not with the victims and their families.

10. Claims are made that Muslims are the real victims here.

11. All religions are equated as being a danger to society even though we all know there is only one violent religion on our planet.

12. Israel is blamed especially on Wednesday and Thursday, Monday and Tuesday, obviously Friday and at the weekend.

13. Many thousands of Muslims worldwide both online and in public rallies including Imaams and political leaders praise the attacks as heroic in the name of Jihad. All media outlets ignore this completely.

14. Random and very irrelevant statistics are brought out about how you have more chance of dying from a shark in your bath than in a terrorist attack.

15. Token Muslims and lefty dhimmis and liars come out to express their disgust at the actions of the terrorist and then somehow blame it on the actions of the country where it took place and Israel too.

16. Token leftist Jews come out to express their feelings about how we need to embrace the Muslim community and not behave like Nazis and also end the occupation in Israel.

17. Token leftist Christians come out to express how we should all just get along and sing Kumbaya together.

18. Those who object to any of the above are called racist, bigots or closed minded Brexiters.

19. Everyone then waits for the next Islamist terrorist attack to happen.

20. Go back to 1.and repeat as needed.

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