Friday, 3 March 2017

Uber loses legal test case over language per BBC News - the oh FFS comment

This BBC report on Uber losing their case for drivers not to have to speak and understand a reasonable level of English contains a fantastic defence by Uber:

'Tom de la Mare QC, for Uber and the drivers, told the judge that the language requirement would result in 70,000 applicants failing to obtain a licence over three years.

The proposals would have a disproportionate impact on drivers from countries where English was not generally spoken and give rise to "indirect discrimination on grounds of race and nationality".'

Oh FFS, if that defence had worked then I would literally have despaired for this country.

Being able to speak English should be a prerequisite for most jobs in the UK, certainly customer facing ones. It would be wrong if it was found discriminatory, directly or indirectly, to require this.

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