Monday, 6 March 2017

Labour 'confident' Jeremy Corbyn paid right amount of tax per BBC News

This BBC report has already disappeared from the BBC News home page, the BBC do try to protect Labour politicians as much as possible.

What struck me was the Labour Party defence, quoted by the BBC.

'Labour has said it is "confident" that Jeremy Corbyn has paid the correct amount of tax.'

A tax return isn't just about the tax paid being correct, it's also about the correct recording of information.

'The party's leader published his tax return as part of a call for transparency from politicians.

The return appeared to show his salary as an MP, plus pension payments, but not the money he is entitled to as leader of the opposition.

However, the party said the allowance of £27,192 was included under the pension and benefits income.'

Why was a salary included under pension and benefits income? If this was a Conservative politician the BBC would be headlining the story and explaining the problems with the tax return.

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