Tuesday, 21 March 2017

Why are the incidents of hate crime increasing? Is it as a result of Brexit or are there other, more prosaic, reasons?

G at has some fascinating background information:

'G on March 20, 2017 at 9:26 am

I followed through the online registration of a 'hate crime' process some months ago. As you indicate (but give no evidence for), every entry appears to count as an actual 'hate crime'. During the online registration process, it is explained to the registrant that they are under no obligation to give their personal details and if that is the registrants preference, the police can take no further action to investigate the allegations. Common sense, yes but the fatal flaw in the system is that all those who feel aggrieved at being subject to an alleged 'hate crime' have their submitted circumstances taken as an ACTUAL hate crime for statistical purposes without providing sufficient information for the police to investigate.Question: What stops (for example) Islamic charities (of which there are many cashing in on the generosity of the UK Charities system), putting 'employees' to work, simply registering hate crimes 24/7 but not including names and addresses?The registration process is the forerunner of some system to trigger Thought Police?'

Information that you won't find on the biased BBC, so thank heaven for

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