Sunday, 19 March 2017

Orly airport: France launches terror investigation per BBC News

The BBC have had to go a fair way down their excuse list for Islamist terrorists for the attack at Orly Airport.

'French anti-terror prosecutors are investigating an attack at Paris's Orly airport by a gunman who was eventually shot dead by security forces.

Ziyed Ben Belgacem, 39, was killed on Saturday after he put a gun to a soldier's head saying he wanted to "die for Allah", officials say.

Earlier that day he had been involved in a shooting and then a carjacking.

Belgacem is described as having been radicalised in prison, and was on a police watch-list.'

The BBC can't say he wasn't an Islamist, he said that wanted "to die for Allah", they can't blame mental illness (yet anyway), they can't blame Western security services for trying to recruit the attacker either. All the BBC have left is that the attacker 'is described as having been radicalised in prison'.

Some questions arise from the deployment of this excuse:
Who has idescribed him as having been radicalised in prison?

What do they have to gain from this excuse being accepted as narrative?

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