Friday, 3 March 2017

Orthodox Jew told by Lib Dem candidate he’s unsuitable for Manchester mayoralty because of his religious beliefs per Campaign Against Antisemitism

If this story is accurate then I am disgusted. Disgusted but not surprised, I don't think there's any anti Semitic comment by a Labour Party or Lib Dem member that would surprise me any more.

'The Liberal Democrat candididate for Mayor of Greater Manchester, Councillor Jane Brophy, has made an extraordinary attack on UK Independence Party (UKIP) candidate and orthodox Jew, Shneur Odze, saying he is unsuitable to stand for Mayor because of his religious beliefs.

Councillor Brophy made this outrageous slur which was captured on video at an LGBT campaign event that Mr Odze was unable to attend due it being held on the Sabbath. She stated that he was unsuitable to be a candidate because of his religious belief of not having physical contact with women. It is also disturbing that her comments received applause from some in the audience.

Mr Odze responded to the apalling smear in a statement posted on social media: "I find it shocking and ignorant for Councillor Brophy to have made these comments. This is not just an attack on myself personally; she is effectively saying no orthodox Jew can stand for public office anywhere."

Campaign Against Antisemitism calls on the leadership of the Liberal Democats, a party that prides itself on being open, inclusive and tolerant, to immediately discipline and repudiate Councillor Brophy for her comments and apologise to the orthodox Jewish community for their candidate's inference that orthodox Jews are not fit for public office.'

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Please let me know if the claim is untrue.

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