Monday, 5 June 2017

Do you trust Jeremy Corbyn, John McDonnell and Dianne Abbott to be tough on Islamist terrorism?

Apparently Jeremy Corbyn will 'take whatever action is necessary' to protect the public. This is odd as he's on record as opposing shoot to kill as recently as last November, I posted the video of this yesterday.

In fact Jeremy Corbyn has spend his political life voting against anti-terrorist legislation. Oddly just four days ahead of an election, he now suggests he supports it. Do you believe him? Has any BBC journalist asked why he's changed his mind?

As for Diane Abbott, shouldn't the Shadow Home Secretary be explaining where she stands on such issues? Surely the woman who wants to be Home Secretary of the United Kingdom should be available to be questioned, or are her media performances so dire that the Labour Party are keeping her well hidden from the British public?

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feargalthecat said...

I kant even spel retorickal questions.