Wednesday, 7 June 2017

Lord Sugar launches blistering attack on Sadiq Khan for single-handedly ruining Labour per The Independent

'Labour now welcomes anti-Semites and terrorist sympathisers to its ranks, the TV star warned."I would say Khan has single-handedly wrecked the Labour Party, and now he's turning his finely honed judgment on the great city of London," the peer wrote in The Sunday Times.

"Khan ran Ed Miliband's leadership campaign. He was in the room when Miliband turned on people like me, attacking the country's largest employers as 'predators', as well as Corbyn who famously called Britain's businesses the real enemy.

"Khan was one of the most senior Labour politicians to nominate Corbyn for leader. Without Khan's endorsement, Corbyn would never have made it onto the ballot.

"Under Corbyn, the lunatics have truly taken over the asylum. His ambition is to drag Britain back to the 1970s - union blackmail and three-day weeks, when our best and brightest were leaving the country in droves. Militants, Trots, anti-Semites and terrorist sympathisers all seem to have been welcomed into Labour with open arms," the peer said.

Lord Sugar said Mr Khan will not be independent of the Labour leader, as he accused Mr Corbyn of being on friendly terms with terror groups like Hamas.'

That was from The Independent just before the London Mayoral election. Lord Sugar getting it very right indeed about Labour now welcoming anti-Semites and terrorist sympathisers to its ranks, indeed to the upper echelons of the party.

One comment on the piece caught my eye and backs up Lord Sugar's comments, albeit accidentally:

He would wouldn't he.

Despicable, obnoxious zionist. Dedicated to the serfdom of the working man.'

Anti-Zionism being the slightly more polite version of Anti-Semitism.

The original Independent article is here

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