Monday, 1 July 2013

Israeli stamps in US passport get student deported from UK « — ציונות פרסנו

Is the UK becoming a no go zone for people who've visited Israel?

Will Muslims in the British immigration service increasingly target people who've visited Israel? Will people who are obviously Jewish be next?

If this had been a Muslim who'd visited Saudi Arabia the 'human rights' lobby would be up in arms, but as it's a Jew, not a word. Tells you all you need to know.

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Alex said...

If the story was as reported then it would be very disturbing, but I suspect that we are only hearing one half of the story. On the one hand there may not be another side to the story, but on the other I am very surprised that a US citizen can come to the UK to "gain summer work experience" without a specific visa and I suspect that may have been the cause of his problems.

The rest may have been the result of the vivid imagination of a young international traveller. After all, several planes arrive every day from Israel, and I have never heard of similar discrimination from my Jewish friends and colleagues - although I accept that there may be a first time for everything.