Tuesday, 2 July 2013

JENNI MURRAY: Sharia law: Real courage is being ready to step on a few 'cultural' toes | Mail Online

'They call it female circumcision – an inadequate description of the radical and primitive surgery they're forced to undergo.

Teachers in their schools had wept as they described bright young pupils of five or six coming back at the end of the holidays in agony and in deep shock, no longer able to manage the lavatory without crying out.

The local Imam, when I challenged him about such a barbaric practice, which he justified as a religious and cultural necessity to ensure their purity at marriage, had steely eyes which bored through me. 'In the not too distant future,' he intoned, 'all British girls will be circumcised when Islam rules this country.' '

More here from Jenni Murray in The Mail from 2011
What's more important, cultural sensitivity or the health & wellbeing of young girls? Could those Imam's words be considered as threatening?

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