Monday, 12 May 2014

Antisemitism on Twitter - It's @_fuck_israel_ again

I've blogged about @_fuck_israel_ before and the anti-Semitic views that he freely espouses. He stepped over a line last week, here's some examples.

First some general anti-Semitic insults:

Secondly some general threats aimed at all Jews:

Thirdly a direct threat aimed at @Adelirose

Finally a direct threat aimed at me

If you notice @_fuck_israel_ has abandoned any pretence of not being anti-Semitic and has changed his Twitter handle to fuck-jews. Why does Twitter allow such blatant anti-Semitism and threats against Jewish users of Twitter to be made?


Timbo said...

Sounds like he needs to increase his medication.

Timbo said...

Are you sure this is not Achmed the dead terrorist?