Tuesday, 20 May 2014

UKIP asks 'Who really runs Westminster?'

A nice sharp poster that asks a relevant question and one that David Cameron, Nick Clegg and Ed Miliband really don't want to have asked and certainly not answered.

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David Reculver said...

This is exactly what UKIP should be doing more of. Tony Benn used to make the point that when we elect an MP, we are lending that MP our power for up to five years. At the end of that time, the MP has to hand power back undiminished. Since 1973, our political class has been stealing bits of that power, and handing it over to un-elected, un-accountable, irremovable bureaucrats who make law in secret to cover up all their dirty little deals. We are being taken back to a medieval style of rule in which the electorate will be the new peasantry, and our chief purpose will be to bankroll the adventures and big ideas of the ruling class. And please, nobody waste my time telling me about the European Parliament in that absurd sing-song voice that is always used to promote it. The EU parliament isn't actually a parliament in any accepted sense of the word; it is a committee with the sign "Parliament" hung on it. It has about as much influence on EU policy as a child's steering wheel has from the passenger seat of a car.