Monday, 19 May 2014

Religious Freedom is important

The 2014 USCIRF Religious Freedom  report is out now and just as last year there seems to be some common threads that unite the worse offenders.

 Tier 1 CPC Countries
Designated by State Department & Recommended by USCIRF
Burma - Military government of a particularly nasty type
China - Single party Communist state
Eritrea - Single party state split 62.5% Christian, 36.5% Muslim
Iran - Islamic republic under Shariah Law
North Korea - One party authoritarian regime, based on Communism
Saudi Arabia - Islamic republic under Shariah Law
Sudan - Single party Islamic state
Uzbekistan - Former part of Communist Soviet Union

Tier 1 CPC Countries
Recommended by USCIRF
Egypt - Islamic state with Muslim Brotherhood problems
Iraq - Islamic state with troubled past and future
Nigeria - Troubled African country, approx 50% Muslim and 50% Christian with major Islamist problems
Pakistan - Islamic state
Syria - Islamic state with civil war in progress between different brands of Islamists
Tajikistan - Former part of Communist Soviet Union
Turkmenistan - Former part of Communist Soviet Union
Vietnam - Communist state

So of the 16 above countries:
Islamic - 7
Large part Islamic -2
Communist or ex Communist - 6
Military government - 1

Makes you think.

I await the BBC's reporting of this report, but as Israel are not listed I doubt that they will bother, 'mustn't spoil the narrative'...

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