Wednesday, 21 May 2014

Ed Miliband speaks... rubbish mostly

Ed Miliband on BBC Radio Swindon showing how well briefed he is and repeating himself as usual...

Ed Miliband showing how out of touch he is on Good Morning Britain...

If this had been a Conservative, UKIP or maybe even a Lib Dem senior politician then the BBC would be all over these stories and the BBC's tame satirical comedians would be revving up the lazy jokes to garner easy laughts. However as this was the Labour leader (no really, he is) the silence will be deafening.

Remember Ed Miliband has form with these brain freeze moments, here he is stuck on repeat in 2011...

Does anyone not think this is one of the most embarrassing political interviews ever? Yet for the BBC it's been forgotten, did it even appear on Have I Got News For You?

To be fair, Ed Miliband has embarrassed himself on other TV networks as well, here he is on Channel 4 last year

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