Thursday, 22 May 2014

The latest ITUC survey

The International Trade Union confederation have released their Global Rights Index which shows 'The world’s worst countries for workers'. Countries are rated from 1-5+, where:
1 – Irregular violations of rights: 18 countries including Denmark and Uruguay 2 – Repeated violations of rights: 26 countries including Japan and Switzerland 3 – Regular violations of rights: 33 countries including Chile and Ghana 4 – Systematic violations of rights: 30 countries including Kenya and the USA 5 – No guarantee of rights: 24 countries including Belarus, Bangladesh and Qatar 5+ - No guarantee of rights due to breakdown of the rule of law: 8 countries including Central African Republic and Somalia.
Here are the worst countries, do you spot any pattern?

5+ Central African Republic Libya Palestine Somalia South Sudan Sudan Syria Ukraine 5 Algeria Bangladesh Belarus Cambodia China Colombia Cote d'ivoire Egypt Fiji Greece Guatemala India Laos Malaysia Nigeria Philippines Qatar Republic of Korea Saudi Arabia Swaziland Turkey United Arab Emirates Zambia Zimbabwe

The UK is ranked with a 3, along with countries such as Australia and Israel. .

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