Friday, 9 May 2014

I agree with Marcus Brigstocke!?! - Update - It;s OK it wasn't Prickstocke, it was John Holmes

Oh my god I find myself agreeing with Marcus Brigstocke's piece on the Jeremy Clarkson N-word furore on tonight's Now Show. Marcus Brigstocke likes Jeremy Clarkson and defends him. He also attacks Harriet Harman's overreaction.

Listen for yourself here.

I need to go for a shower now.

Update - As advised by Steve, it was in fact not Marcus Brigstocke but John Holmes. I feel clean once more, I did think it odd that Marcus Brigstocke would take a less than right-on approach.

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Steve said...

Actually I think it's John Holmes not Marcus Brigstocke. I can't imagine any right thinking person agreeing with Brigstocke.