Tuesday, 6 May 2014

For all those anti-Israel idiots who post pictures of poor little Palestinian girls being bullied by Israeli soldiers

There's a number of anti-Israel idiots on Twitter who've posted still images of a little blonde Palestinian girl facing up to some huge scary Israeli soldiers. I have called them out on this and told them it's Pally wood. Here's what I mean...

First some example images

Now let's look at the video...

Pause the video at3:23 and note the photographers and videographers there. This event was a pure piece of Pallywood - get some children to scream abuse at Israeli soldiers in the hope that one of the Israeli soldiers pushes one of the children away or even just raises a fist or their gun. The aim is to get a striking image to further the vilification of Israel and hatred of Jews amongst those who don't know much of the reality of the Israeli/Palestinian dispute. People like @dd1958 and @wotsit4

Ask yourself this, if the Israeli soldiers were truly vicious and evil would small Palestinian children stand there and scream at them like that? Of course not, it's because the Israeli soldiers are generally nice well-behaved people that these Palestinian pupets and their handlers know that no real harm will come to them.

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Anonymous said...

You are a piece of shit, you have no idea what the hell your flapping your shit stained gums about. Get an education, get a life and keep you racist, ignorant, Zionazi and murderous mouth shut.