Thursday, 9 February 2017

A&E figures for January 'worst ever', leaked data suggests per BBC News

This BBC report on NHS A&E waiting times includes this passage:

'The Royal College of Emergency Medicine said their figures backed up those seen by the BBC.

Vice-president Dr Chris Moulton said: "While increasing numbers of doctors is vital, the more pressing problem is a lack of beds.

"We simply do not have any more room to put patients - we have the lowest number of acute beds per capita in Europe.'

This is the closest that the BBC report gets to looking at why demand for A&E beds is so high, and thus why the number of beds related to the population is so low.

Would the ratio of acute beds to population be so low if the post 1997 flood of immigration had not have happened? The BBC are pushing the blame onto the current Conservative government for not supplying enough resources to the NHS, whilst deliberately ignoring the increase in demand due to the massive increase in population from immigration. I would ask why but you all know the reasons.

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