Thursday, 2 February 2017

Smuggling Migrants to Europe Now a Major Funding Source for Islamic State per Breitbart

News that you'll never find reported on the pro unlimited immigration BBC. This from Breitbart

'Nearly 400,000 migrants reached Europe by sea in 2016, and more than 5,000 are believed to have died attempting the journey, aid agencies estimate.

In 2015 the then Prime Minister of Australia, Tony Abbott, urged the European Union (EU) to turn boats back to Africa, saying: "If you want to keep life safe, you've got to keep the boats stopped."

"The great thing about Operation Sovereign Borders is that, in stopping the boats, we have stopped the deaths," he added.

However, European Commission spokesman Natasha Bertaud said the Australian model "can never be a model" for the EU, as it would violate international obligations.'

400,000 in one year and there's millions more who want to come too. How many before Natasha Bertaud will concede that maybe too many have come? Or is there no limit? Will anyone ask this European Commission spokesman, or would that be considered rude?

I have read many times that this massive Muslim immigration from the Middle East and North Africa is part of a deliberate plan to partly replace the European population and to breakdown national sentiment. Previously I considered this possible but not likely, a conspiracy theory, now I am not so sure...

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