Monday, 27 February 2017

That definitely unbiased BBC at work again

We are often told by the BBC that the BBC is totally unbiased and to suggest otherwise is a vile calumny.

The trouble is that time after time sites such as mine, Biased BBC, Media Watch and Is The BBC Biased provide examples of that BBC bias.

One example that caught my eye today was published by Craig at Is The BBC Biased. It's a couple of tweets from the BBC's incoming head of religious programming, Fatima Salaria, as spotted by DB. Here's the one more relevant to the UK:

I'd like to know how a BBC head of department who retweets a description of a (then) senior Conservative politician as 'the worst of them all' , an 'Odious cretin of a man' and says that '#GoveMUSTgo' can in any way be described as politically unbiased.

I'd raise the question with the BBC but I really can't be bothered wasting my time complaining to the BBC only to receive brush-off after brush-off.

A Conservative Party with  balls would tackle (pun intended) the BBC over their anti-Conservative Party bias but this iteration of the Conservative Party is no more brave than any previous one.

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